Nomad Misfits Month

Berlin, Germany

June 2019

Nomad Misfits Month has ended and applications are closed. Thanks for a great month everyone!

This is an event for the weirdo digital nomads. The nerds, the queerzz, and all those who don’t quite it into the main digital nomad scene. Let’s all descend on Berlin for the month of June to create a rad likeminded nomad family for a month. 

Nomad Misfits Month is free to attend (some of the activities proposed might require a fee, but nothing is required). You just need to apply and tell us a bit more about yourself and how you want to take part, and you’re in. Boom! We’re an informal event aimed at digital nomads, entrepreneurs and remote workers of all levels, as well as long-term travelers and the non-traditionally employed (maybe you work seasonally and travel the rest of the year, etc.). We are more a social and community event than a business conference, but if you want to organize masterminds, skillshares, etc. you are more than welcome!

We have a Facebook group to help you get to know each other, plan your housing and activities together, etc. A welcome event will be organized to help everyone get introduced. The rest is up to you, DIY baby. Want some people to go on a food tour with you? Suggest it. Maybe you wanna do a workshop on Facebook Ads? Done. Maybe you have a presentation about all the street cats you saw in SE Asia? I’ll help you schedule a little presentation and find a space. 

Not gonna lie, I’m also really pushing for a Nomad Talent Show ;-).  

LGBTQ* Friendly

We’re queer-organized, no worries about being left out. We’ll have a couple meetups especially to connect our queer nomads, too. All sexualities and gender expressions welcome. Want some more info about visiting Berlin while queer? This blog is a great start!


No animals will be harmed in the organization of this event. Oh, and no salads for dinner either. Unless you want one. We’ve got our vegheads covered. Here is the main Berlin Vegan website for the city.