This is a working document, I’ll be making it more robust later, but since people are booking tickets I want to start with a quick overview here. Of course there is AirBnB, but it’s worth having a look into the below websites and groups first to get a better deal.

Note: If you see “WG”, this is short for “Wohngemeinschaft” which is a flatshare (shared apartment) in German.

Which area should I stay in?

Berlin is very large and as long as you’re not far from an U-Bahn or S-Bahn, you’re pretty well-connected to everywhere. That said, we’ll be mainly hanging out in the Neukölln, Prenzlauer Berg and Friedrichshain areas. If possible, I’d aim to stay in one of these districts. Some neighboring districts that are near these areas and still very well connected are: Baumschulenweg (I live here!), Plänterwald, Lichtenberg, and Schöneweide, which will likely be a bit cheaper. Just make sure you’re near an S-bahn or a couple tram stops from one and you’re golden.

Mitte is the tourist center, and pretty well connected too, but likely expensive. Same with Kreuzberg – very hip, but also likely expensive. The Bergmannstraße area in Kreuzberg is especially quaint.

The “Kreuzkölln” area on the border between Neukölln and Kreuzberg by Hermannplatz station is also very well-connected, and has loads of cafes and bars.

Not 100% relevant, but I wrote an overview of Berlin’s areas and included an apartment section in a post on my blog here. It also has a section on hostels if you’re aiming for that.

WG-Gesucht – This is the main website Germany uses for subletting rooms and also sometimes whole flats. It has an English version (look for the flag). Search the dates you’re looking (try to put a slightly wider range to make sure you get as much as possible, paying for a couple extra days probably won’t hurt much and ensures you get the posts with weird date ranges).

Nestpick – aggregates about 80 different flat search sites. I personally don’t have a ton of experience with it, but maybe it’s useful.

Facebook Groups

Lots of sublets are done through Facebook groups in Berlin. Here are some to check out for various types of arrangements. Once you look at these, you’ll see there are tons more that pop up.

Short-term accommodation Berlin: WG, Zwischenmiete, flat-share, Zimmerbörse

Temporary Flat Rentals Berlin

Berlin Housing


Berlin Startup Flats, Flatshares,Offices,Wohnungen, WG

wg zimmer wohnung in berlin room flat apartment rent

Berliner Wohnungsbörse (Wohnung, Mitbewohner, WG gesucht Berlin)

Queer Housing WG (for flatshares)

Queer Housing

Homes for Queers Berlin (check the short-term special post)

Vegane WGs Berlin (for shared housing with other vegans)

Co-living Spaces

Happy Pigeons – Their Prenzlauer Berg location (they have another in Charlottenberg). You have to stay a minimum of 3 months here so this one is for anyone planning a bit of a longer stay in Berlin. That said, they are the most affordable co-living I have found, starting at 550€ for a single room.

Live Berlin (Köpenicker location)


Vonder – The Corinthstraße and Köpenickerstraße locations.


That’s a start – will add more as I think of it! If there’s a great one you’ve used, shoot me a message: nabramow (at) gmail (dot) com.