Why Nomad Misfits Month?

Well first, who am I even?

it me.

Oh hey, I’m Nicole. I’m an American expat based in Berlin since 2011, and a digital nomad on and off since 2013. I’m also a massive overachiever, as you can tell by this event. However, don’t worry, I’ve planned events before. Lots of them. For other people. So it’s time to bring the event I want to see to the world.

Still not sure about me? Well, you can go stalk me on instagram

What’s my misfit nomad root? Well, I’m a queer, vegan, expat, feminist digital nomad. So niche, I know, how did this suburban girl even get this way? Your guess is as good as mine.

So why am I so motivated to create a month-long event, even though it will likely cause a few gay hairs during the planning process?

I’m gonna explain this by telling you my story. I’ve dappled in and out of remote work since 2013. I’d get really hyped and book all my plane tickets, plan my activities and accommodation, only to end up kind of…lonely. Too old for hostels, most of the backpackers were more into packing as many activities into one day as they could and binge drinking at night, while I had to work.

Then I learned the words for this remote work thing I was doing: digital nomad, location independent, laptop lifestyle, long-term traveler, whatever you wanna call it. I got in touch with lots of people like me online. It was awesome.

I found my people

I discovered and attended a few super rad events like the Digital Nomad Girls Retreat and 7in7.co. A week of bliss and holla, I found my people. After the event week, though, it was back to being the weird remote working on around. I also started the Queer Women* Digital Nomads Community, where I made loads of awesome friends. But we’re all online. I found my people there…what now?

While at the last 7in7 I thought, hmm, how can I get all these rad people to hang out with me longer? A less intense and packed-full event spread out over a longer time, so you can still work, exercise, Netflix and chill, whatever, but you know you’ll have a bunch of buddies around.

Enter Nomad Misfits Month

I’ve been based in Berlin, Germany since 2011. Originally from the US, I’ve fallen in love with Berlin over time. So I want to show you all what I love about this city, and help you find the resources to set up your own ideas.

The firs week will have some informal meet-and-greet activities planned to help you meet people and get to know the city. 

After that, it’s time to bring your ideas and bucket lists to life! We’ll have a platform and all you need to do is suggest things. Maybe you wanna get a group of people to go to a yoga class, a museum, a comedy show, you wanna nerd out on art, hit up a vegan brunch, or organize a skillshare or mastermind? Did you always have a dream to take a pole dance class, but never had anyone to go with you? Or maybe you dream of playing board games all night in one of Berlin’s board game cafes. Perhaps you want to visit Tropical Island, a legit island in a bubble just outside the city? Go for an urban hike? Whatever it is, suggest it, and you’ll have some built in buddies in no time. Need help to make it happen? A good space to hold it in? I’m here to collaborate with to make your dreams a reality. I got some connections yo.

Why June? Why Berlin?

The sun finally peaks out again in Berlin in June, tables and chairs get put back outside in front of cafes. Blankets spread out in Berlin’s many parks with people sipping beer, hula hooping and putting up their slack lines all day. Pretty much, Berlin is the chillest place to be in June, and there’s no lack of things to do. Here’s a sample of some of the events going on in Berlin in June.

Berlin is affordable, the public transportation is great. Beer is cheap, art and quirky activities are plentiful, and there’s really something for everybody. I’ve been here 8 years and my Berlin to-do list is still incomplete. So, come help me check things off.

Here’s a little video tour of Berlin told by its street art via Eastcross Projects:

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